10 Profitable Small Business Ideas in India

small business ideas India


Are you tired of that 9-5 work schedule and want to be your own manager? If yes, then for sure you must be looking for some of the best small business ideas. By this, it also means ideas that encourage low cost small businesses in India.

Here are 25 low cost business ideas that can inspire you to get started with your work. These businesses can be started with much less capital and from anywhere in India. Check them out!


1. Cultivate Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Organic food is free from chemicals and fertilizers, so it has huge market demand. People are becoming more and more health conscious these days. They are ready to pay more for pesticide free products. Local farming can be done by implementing organic methods to produce healthy vegetables and fruits.


2. Setting up Water Filtration Plant

According to a Wall Street Journal report, more than 70 million people in India don’t have access to pure drinking water. Especially in villages where water scarcity problems prevail, setting up a water filtration plant can give you good returns. Selling filtered water cans and bottles have good prospects.


3. Starting a Restaurant or Fast Food Outlet

Starting a food junction is the easiest way to have a profitable business with minimum investment. You just need a team of good cook and a good place to set up your restaurant. The only investment you need to put in is on the furniture.


4. Sell Products on e-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is booming in India. You can easily resell products and earn good profits. You just need to create a seller account on any of the e-commerce websites and make dealings with offline sellers for products.


5. Starting a Web Development Company

As online business is booming, companies are finding it beneficial to own their business website to reach the target consumers. This has created a boom in the web development domain.


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6. Setting up a Gym

People are very conscious about their health these days. So, either an aerobics or yoga class can be a great idea. You just need a professional instructor.


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7. Working as a Freelancer

Another easiest way to earn good money without investing real bucks is to work as a freelancer. You can take up projects and get it done by others or yourself.


8. Setting up a Retail Hypermarket

This is also capturing the market as people now don’t want to go to the open market and struggle to buy stuff. All under one roof is the concept working these days.


9. Starting a Franchise Business

People get influenced by brand names these days. So, if you want to start without wanting to struggle and make a place in the market, then you can start a franchise business in clothing or food sector.


10. Become a Tourism Consultant

Travel and tourism have got great prospects. Starting a travel company is another great way to earn by investing minimum amount.

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