Don’t Ignore! If You Ever See Your Cat Doing This

Cats do not express there feelings much like as dogs. So, it’s not easy to predict the behaviour of a cat that what does she want to do or why is she making those moves and gesture. But the truth is that cats feel and have the much affection for their owners as dogs do.

So, you don’t have to worry about the cats love for you because their way of expression is quite different and you should not treat them like a dog. We are explaining here their moves and gestures which will help you better understand your cat’s love:

1. Staring at You:

Cats don’t blink as much as we all do. So don’t freak out if you find your cat staring at you. A steady gaze tells that a cat feeling safe and comfortable with you.

2. Holding a dead animal:

Because you are the family member so, they’re showing you how to hunt your prey.

3. Lifting the Tails Up:

An upright tail means your cat is happy. And feeling comfortable in the home.

4. Nibbling Your Finger:

Licking and Nibbling is the way of showing affection. They do it to their kittens when they’re grooming them, so if they do it to you, it means love.

5. Kneading:

They express their affection when they Kneading their paws into you.

6. Purring:

Happy cat don’t want to stop it. The purring of a cat is one of nature’s simple pleasures.

7. Belly-up:

Exposing their belly to you! You should take it as a sign of total trust.

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