Survivor of Boston Marathon Bombing Marrying Firefighter Who Saved Her!

In the wake of April 2013, 48 years old Roseann Sdoia, a long-distance runner, was a spectator near the marathon finish line when she realized the pressure-cooker bomb blast.

Immediately a handsome firefighter (weird to notice it here) hovered to rescue her. He carried her to the hospital in a police vehicle and kept comforting her all through the drive to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The funny part Sdoia recalls is the reaction of her mother at that moment. Instead of behaving like a traditional mom yelling and crying for her daughter, she was swept away by the looks of the firefighter.

Sdoia says “She was like, ‘Oh, did you see that firefighter? He’s so cute.’ And I was like, ‘Mom, I just got blown up.’ ” Sdoia recalls asking him “Am I going to die?” And he told her that she’ll be fine as it was just a flesh wound.

Materia visited Sdoia in the hospital a couple of days later. Though she was still in ICU and was hardly aware of anything, Materia made a great impression on her mother. Something clicked maybe, they got fascinated about each other.

The lovebirds had their first date in June 2013 and a month later on 4th July 2013, they spent a day on Nantucket. And, without delaying it further, he proposed Sdoia on a lookout deck at the island’s whaling museum with the help of their pooch, Sal.

Later in March, the couple also planned to release a book named “Perfect Strangers” that spoke about four lives that were intersected during the marathon bombing. Love can happen anytime, anywhere!

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